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Firm Overview

  • Column Capital is a fee-only wealth management firm that provides financial and tax advice to high net worth individuals and families.
  • Our senior Directors formerly led the Investment and Financial Planning practices in Ernst & Young’s Indianapolis and Chicago offices. In 2005, due to Sarbanes-Oxley and regulatory changes, we transitioned a mature business of advisors and clients to form Column Capital.
  • Column Capital serves approximately 250 clients and has over $650 million of assets under management (AUM).
  • Column Capital Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm that provides Investment Management and Financial Planning services.
  • Column Family Office is a licensed accounting firm that provides tax preparation and representation services.



Fewer Conflicts of Interest

  • Column Capital is Independent, Objective and Fee-only.
  • We do not sell products or receive referral fees or commissions.
  • Our fiduciary duty requires us to provide advice where our highest priority is serving the best interests of our clients.

Highly Credentialed Professionals

  • Our advisors are highly credentialed professionals with years of formal education and decades of proven experience.
  • Our lead advisors maintain less than 50 client relationships. Our client to professional staff ratio is approximately 20:1.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client service.

Our Approach

  • We offer an approach that integrates Investment Management, Financial Planning and Income Tax Planning.
  • Taxes can erase as much as 50% of your income and 40% of your taxable estate without proper planning. We utilize our tax expertise to help you keep more of what you earn resulting in greater wealth accumulation.
  • True wealth management is about helping you achieve your goals. We begin by thoroughly understanding your personal goals and objectives and then focus all of our services toward helping you accomplish them.

Institutional Investment Platform

  • Our investment platform provides access to a broad range of investments. It is complemented by a rigorous due diligence process designed to identify and oversee top investment managers.
  • We separate custody, investment management, and reporting responsibilities to provide further protection against fraud or theft.
  • We help identify and negotiate lower investment fees for our client portfolios. We also structure the portfolio efficiently to minimize income taxes.

Awards and Recognition

  • Our firm and its professionals have been recognized as a leader locally and nationally by publications including CNBC, Investment News, US Commerce Association, Indianapolis Business Journal, and Indianapolis Monthly Magazine.

Advisor Comparison

Compare Column Capital to traditional financial advisors and see the benefits of working with an Independent, Comprehensive Wealth Management Firm.

Column Capital

Traditional Financial Advisors

Overall wealth planning integrating Investments, Financial Planning and Taxes Investment only focus
Certified Financial Planners and highly credentialed advisors (CPA, JD, CIMA, CFA) Salespeople with limited education & knowledge
Fee only Commissions, sales charges, hidden fees
Independent and objective advice Conflicts of interest
Focused client base Too many clients
Modern Portfolio Theory, disciplined approach Hot tips, market timing, chasing returns
Separation of duties – separate custody, security selection and advice to prevent fraud or theft Custody and advice by the same firm
Expert tax advice No tax advice
Investment Policy Statement focused on achieving specific goals and objectives No clear plan or approach
Regular meetings with follow up letters and action items Reactive with little or no follow through
Consolidated performance reporting with outside accounts and 401(k) updated daily Performance reporting on managed accounts only
No loads, low fund costs, tax efficient Sales loads, high fund costs, taxes

RIA Stands for You

Experience a different kind of relationship

If you’ve reached the point where you want personal, highly customized financial guidance based on your goals, it may be time for an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)


What is a RIA?

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is a professional advisory firm that offers personalized financial advice to clients, many of whom are affluent.

  • Many independent RIAs work with complex portfolios requiring highly customized investment management, strategy, and consultation.
  • Many independent RIAs are owned by the individual advisors who run them.
  • Many independent RIAs provide advice and services for a fee based on a percentage of their client’s assets.
  • RIA firms have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients.

Benefits of working with a RIA

Tailored advice based on your goals
Many Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) believe that their independence is key to offering advice that’s best for you.
You know what you’re paying for
Typically, fees are based on a percentage of assets managed, so the RIA has a vested interest in your success. This fee structure is simple, straightforward, easy to understand, and it gives your advisor an incentive to grow your assets.
Fiduciary responsibility
While many financial advisors may represent that they put their clients’ interest first, RIAs are legally required to do so. You could say that we “talk the talk AND walk the walk”.
Advice for your complex needs
A rich diversity of specialization is among RIAs. Many independent RIAs provide services that address a variety of complex investment needs that often arise when you accumulate significant wealth, such as assisting you with the sale of a business, complicated tax situations, trusts, and inter-generational issues.
A different kind of relationship
RIAs typically form close relationships with clients and have a strong sense of accountability.

At Column Capital, we strive to provide you the highest quality financial advising experience we can by holding ourselves to a higher standard. One way we do this is by being a Registered Investment Advisory firm.

As “RIA Stands for You” confidently states, “Many independent RIAs work with complex portfolios requiring highly customized investment management, strategy, and consultation. They usually are owned by the individual advisors who run them, provide advice and services for a fee based on a percentage of their client’s assets, and have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients.”

Column Capital feels that being a RIA firm is not simply about financial advice; A RIA firm provides you with the comfort that comes with knowing the important aspects of your life are being taken care of. Contact Us today to learn more.