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Column Capital provides wealth management services that address your overall financial situation. While each of our services can be provided separately, maximum value is achieved when all areas are integrated into one cohesive wealth plan. In addition, clients may experience cost savings and appreciate a more coordinated approach with one point of access. If you have effective advisory relationships in place, we can provide any of our three services separately and work as a team with your existing advisors.

Investment Management

There is not an investment consultant or money manager in the world that can consistently outmaneuver the market, predict stock performance or guarantee a high rate of return. At Column Capital, we know that investment success comes from the implementation of a strategy designed to achieve the investor’s goals and objectives. Our highly disciplined approach to investment management ensures that your portfolio reflects a strategy tailored just for you.

We bring the right information, the right tools, the latest technology and the right combination of knowledge and experience, to help you devise an investment approach – a strategy – that will help you deal head on with the challenges of a highly dynamic environment. Your investment strategy will also span time, considering both the short term and the long term; weigh the risk factors; help you meet your goals and objectives; adapt to your circumstances as they change; and allow you to withstand the ups and downs capital markets often deliver. We will work with you and apply a consistent methodology which is critical to your long term success.

Investment Process

1. Review and Prioritize Goals and Objectives
  • We begin by listening to you and gaining a better understanding of your personal and family situation. We will ask questions to clarify and develop your personal goals.
  • Document Goals and Objectives in the following areas: Taxes, Savings and Retirement, Family, Charity and Lifestyle.
  • We will help you establish a Risk Profile that is designed to accomplish your goals balanced with an acceptable level of risk and portfolio volatility.
2. Establish a Target Asset Allocation
  • A target Asset Allocation is selected that is consistent with your goals, time horizon and risk profile to achieve the highest expected return within your desired level of risk.
  • Portfolios are designed using sophisticated analytical software modeling techniques, incorporating a unique combination of capital market forecasts and historical information, to identify an asset allocation suitable to your investment goals and objectives.
  • In addition to expected returns for each asset class, we consider the historical standard deviations (risk) of asset classes as well as the historical correlations (diversification effect) between them.
3. Prepare an Investment Policy Statement
  • We prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which serves as a “business plan” for your overall investment strategy.
  • Your IPS covers aspects of investment administration and procedure including: time horizon, cash flows, tax policy, goals and constraints, risk profile, asset allocation, and review and evaluation of the portfolio and investment managers.
  • The IPS also acts as a valuable directive for measuring the achievement of your stated investment objectives.
4. Implement the Investment Strategy
  • We utilize a well though out Due Diligence and Screening Process to select and replace investment managers. We weigh a number of important factors including: Performance track record, consistency, performance vs. peers, adherence to stated style, manager tenure and tax efficiency.
  • Portfolios are structured to maximize growth and wealth transfer while minimizing taxes and portfolio expenses. We consider the tax status (taxable, tax deferred or tax free) of each account before positioning investments. Investments with high tax costs are positioned in tax deferred or tax free accounts as much as possible. Accounts designated for wealth transfer (Roth IRAs, trusts, etc.) can be invested with higher growth investments.
  • We will evaluate your current holdings, tax considerations, investment timing and prepare a detailed Implementation Plan to review with you.
5. Review and Evaluate the Investment Portfolio
  • Our state of the art software provides consolidated performance reporting information that is updated daily. We can include your company 401(k) accounts and many other outside holdings.
  • We monitor and evaluate your money managers and mutual funds regularly to identify relative performance of each manager.
  • Review of overall portfolio performance helps assess achievement of your long-term objectives.
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing is applied, so that your portfolio remains consistent with your asset allocation strategy.
  • Your investment policy is reviewed and adjusted to reflect changing circumstances.

Financial Planning

Column Capital’s Financial Planning Services cover all areas of financial and tax planning. The services provided to each client are integrated and customized to address their specific issues and help them meet their financial goals and objectives. As a fee-only advisor, we bill each client a fixed financial planning fee based on their net worth and complexity of their financial situation. We provide each client a customized financial planning binder with detailed analysis of all relevant planning areas. We prepare an annual Year in Review summary that outlines their personal and financial accomplishments and quantifies savings from our tax and financial planning recommendations.

Some of the most common areas we address are described below.

We will help you articulate and identify your personal and financial goals and objectives. Once we know understand your goals, we will help you maximize your financial resources to accomplish them.
Net Worth and Estate Summary
The Net Worth and Estate Summary is a useful tool for measuring financial progress and allows us to provide recommendations related to the following: titling of assets, using trusts, stock options, contributing to retirement plans, utilizing company benefits, setting up 529 plans, gifting, life insurance review, personal liability insurance, mortgage refinancing, and much more. We update the client’s Net Worth Statement on a regular basis (at least once a year and more frequently if the client’s situation changes significantly or if needed for planning purposes).
Wealth Vision Plan
The Wealth Vision Plan is a proprietary analysis that integrates a client’s goals with their cash inflows and outflows for the year. It summarizes expenditures for taxes, savings, family, charity and lifestyle, and serves as a starting point for discussing cash flow, tax, gifting and savings strategies for the year. We prepare a Wealth Vision Plan early in the year and update for changes that occur.
Income Tax Planning and Projections
With the ever changing tax law, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of taxes and the ability to integrate income taxes into all other financial planning areas. Our knowledge of tax law and experience implementing strategies to minimize income taxes can provide a significant benefit to our clients. We prepare a tax projection as often as needed to help clients reduce and plan for taxes. We also evaluate withholdings and calculate estimated tax payment requirements, analyze Roth IRA conversions, and look for tax planning opportunities.
Company Benefits Planning
We assist clients in making decisions about their company benefits, such as stock option strategies, retirement plan contributions and distributions, restricted stock issues, compensation deferral options, and insurance choices. Our analyses consider cash flow, expenses, savings, and taxes, to make sure the recommendations are appropriate for each client’s situation.
Retirement Planning
Everyone desires a secure retirement and wants to understand how they will meet their cash needs during retirement. By preparing a long-term cash flow and asset progression analysis that incorporates taxes and gifting, we are able to forecast the client’s expected financial situation and then make recommendations to improve the client’s finances.
Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning
It is critical to integrate gifting and estate planning into the client’s overall financial situation. We review our client’s estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, as well as ownership, titling and beneficiary designations, to minimize estate taxes and to make sure that the estate documents are consistent with the client’s wishes. We work with the client’s estate planning attorney to develop a gifting strategy, and we help implement the estate plan by facilitating changes to the ownership of assets and beneficiary designations, and by facilitating annual gifting, transferring life insurance to an irrevocable trust, charitable gifting, setting up a private foundation or donor advised fund, or other gifts/transfers.
Insurance Analysis and Review
Having the appropriate amount and type of insurance is critical to protecting our clients from unexpected events that could derail their future financial goals. We will analyze the amount of life insurance coverage needed, review any current policies, and work with our clients’ insurance agents to recommend modifications or obtain additional coverage. We can also address the need for disability income insurance and long-term care insurance, and help make sure property & casualty coverage and personal liability coverage is appropriate. We can also assist in reviewing medical insurance choices and setting up a Health Savings Account, if appropriate.
College Funding
Providing for their children’s college education is a primary goal for many of our clients. Based on each client’s situation, we analyze and compare alternative funding methods from a tax and financial standpoint, and then recommend a strategy for our clients. We analyze the benefits of a 529 plan, compare the various state programs, and facilitate gifts to the selected 529 plan each year. Both income tax and estate and gift tax considerations are taken into account.
Mortgage & Debt Financing
Our objective is to help our clients minimize the cost and maximize the tax deductibility of mortgage financing or refinancing, home equity loans, margin accounts and other debt. We can also compare buying vs. leasing a car, and can address other debt management issues, such as which debt to pay down first, whether to borrow the cash value from life insurance policies, etc.

Tax Services

Column Family Office (CFO) provides a complete array of tax services tailored specifically for the needs of high net worth individuals and families. Understanding tax laws, staying abreast of changes, and finding opportunities takes a full-time commitment. We provide tax services with a keen awareness and command of tax law. Our services provide many benefits to our clients including accuracy, efficiency and value.

Taxes can erase up to half of your income and estate without proper planning. Our seasoned professionals utilize a deep pool of expertise derived from years of formal educational training and decades of proven experience. Many of our advisors were former partners or accomplished tax professionals at Ernst & Young. Our advisors can also evaluate tax planning opportunities that integrate multiple aspects of a client’s overall wealth plan.

Tax Return Preparation

Column Capital provides comprehensive tax services to our clients, including tax return preparation as follows:

  • INDIVIDUAL: Federal, State, and Gift Tax
  • ENTITIES: Trusts, Family Partnership and LLCs, and Private Foundations
  • AUDITS: Representation before the IRS and other tax authorities