Advisor Comparison

Compare Column Capital to traditional financial advisors and see the benefits of working with a firm that provides Independent, Integrated Wealth Management services.

Overall wealth planning integrating Investments, Financial Planning and TaxesInvestment only focus
Certified Financial Planners and highly credentialed advisors (CPA, JD, CIMA, CFA)Salespeople with limited education & knowledge
Fee onlyCommissions, sales charges, hidden fees
Independent and objective adviceConflicts of interest
Focused client baseToo many clients
Modern Portfolio Theory, disciplined approachHot tips, market timing, chasing returns
Separation of duties - separate custody, security selection and advice to prevent fraud or theftCustody and advice by the same firm
Expert tax adviceNo tax advice
Investment Policy Statement focused on achieving specific goals and objectives.No clear plan or approach
Regular meetings with follow up letters and action itemsReactive with little or no follow through
Consolidated performance reporting with outside accounts and 401(k) updated dailyPerformance reporting on managed accounts only
No loads, low fund costs, tax efficientSales loads, high fund costs, taxes