Column Capital Advantages

Fewer Conflicts of Interest

  • Column Capital is Independent, Objective and Fee-only.
  • We do not sell products or receive referral fees or commissions.
  • Our fiduciary duty requires us to provide advice in serving the best interests of our clients, which continues to be our highest priority.

Credentialed Professionals

  • Our lead advisors are credentialed professionals with years of formal education and experience.
  • Our lead advisors maintain an average of 60 client household relationships. Our client to professional staff ratio is approximately 30:1.
  • We continuously strive to deliver exceptional client service.

Our Approach

  • We offer an approach that integrates Investment Management, Financial Planning and Tax Planning.
  • Taxes can erase as much as 50% of your income and 40% of your taxable estate without proper planning. We utilize our tax expertise to help you keep more of what you earn resulting in greater wealth accumulation.
  • True wealth management is about helping you achieve your goals. We begin by thoroughly understanding your personal goals and objectives and then focus all of our services toward helping you accomplish them.

Institutional Investment Platform

  • Our investment platform provides access to a broad range of investments, complemented by a rigorous due diligence process designed to identify the right team of managers for our client's needs.
  • We separate custody, investment management, and reporting responsibilities to provide further protection against fraud or theft.
  • We help identify and negotiate lower investment fees for our client portfolios. We also structure the portfolio efficiently to minimize income taxes.