What type of investments do you select for client portfolios?

We generally recommend a wide variety of investments across multiple asset classes in portfolios. Diversification and lower volatility are goals that can be achieved through proper portfolio structure. Client portfolios may include separate account money managers, mutual funds, ETFs, and other types of securities.

How often do you review client portfolios?

Client portfolios are reviewed on a weekly basis with our software for consistency with each client’s investment policy statement. When a portfolio drifts outside the policy guidelines, the advisor will be prompted to review the portfolio and make any necessary changes.  Advisors also review portfolios throughout the quarter as necessary through our consolidated reporting system that is updated daily.

How is Column Capital regulated, and have you ever been disciplined for any unlawful or unethical activity?

Column Capital Advisors is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. You may obtain a copy of our Form ADV registration by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. There has never been a disciplinary action against the firm or any of its advisors.

What types of insurance and protection are available for my investment accounts?

Brokerage accounts are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) for securities and cash in the event of broker-dealer failure. This protection does not cover fluctuations in or losses related to the market value of your securities. The SIPC provides up to $500,000 of protection for clients’ accounts held in each separate capacity such as joint tenant or sole owner, with a limit of $250,000 for claims of uninvested cash balances. More information about SIPC coverage is available at www.sipc.org. In addition, most custodians carry an additional amount of insurance protection.

What custodians do you use for client accounts?

While our clients may use any custodian of choice, we recommend Schwab Institutional for most clients. We have worked with Schwab for many years and have been very satisfied with their organization and level of service.

How will you work with my attorney, insurance agent, and other advisors?

We will help you assess your current needs and complement what is being provided by other advisors. We do not draft legal documents or sell insurance products. However, we do provide planning and an objective viewpoint in these areas to help our clients through the complex issues that they face. Our clients appreciate a team approach and feel they can make better decisions when they have consensus among their advisors.

Do you have a minimum fee?

Our firm is committed to providing a high level of service and maintaining a select number of clients. As a result, our client minimum fee is normally $10,000. While there can be exceptions to this minimum, we only accept client relationships where we feel we can provide significant value and be compensated accordingly.

How quickly do you invest client portfolios?

Client portfolios can generally be invested using two different methods: Lump Sum and Dollar Cost Averaging. Investing the portfolio at one specific time reduces transaction costs and is generally recommended for a lump sum. Dollar cost averaging is a technique designed to reduce market risk through the systematic purchase of securities at predetermined intervals and set amounts. Your advisor will evaluate your personal situation and recommend a strategy that meets your needs.