Column Capital's Investment Management Services are designed to help our clients accomplish their financial goals and objectives.  Rather than making speculative bets about the future, our strategy focuses on investing in a manner that attempts to capture maximum after-tax returns at an acceptable level of risk for each client.  Our approach incorporates the Nobel Prize-winning work of financial economists as well as more recent research and analysis of financial markets and asset classes.

Investment Process

Review and Prioritize Goals and Objectives

  • We begin by listening to you and gaining a better understanding of your personal and family situation. We will ask questions to clarify and develop your personal goals.
  • Document Goals and Objectives in the following areas: Taxes, Savings and Retirement, Family, Charity and Lifestyle.
  • We will help you establish a Risk Profile that is designed to accomplish your goals balanced with an acceptable level of risk and portfolio volatility.

Establish a Target Asset Allocation

  • A target Asset Allocation is selected that is consistent with your goals, time horizon and risk profile to achieve the highest expected return within your desired level of risk.
  • Portfolios are designed using sophisticated analytical software modeling techniques, incorporating a unique combination of capital market forecasts and historical information, to identify an asset allocation suitable to your investment goals and objectives.
  • In addition to expected returns for each asset class, we consider the historical standard deviations (risk) of asset classes as well as the historical correlations (diversification effect) between them.

Prepare an Investment Policy Statement

  • We prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which serves as a “business plan” for your overall investment strategy.
  • Your IPS covers aspects of investment administration and procedure including: time horizon, cash flows, tax policy, goals and constraints, risk profile, asset allocation, and review and evaluation of the portfolio and investment managers.
  • The IPS also acts as a valuable directive for measuring the achievement of your stated investment objectives.

Implement the Investment Strategy

  • We utilize a well thought out Due Diligence and Screening Process to select and replace investment managers. We weigh a number of important factors including: Performance track record, consistency, performance vs. peers, adherence to stated style, manager tenure and tax efficiency.
  • Portfolios are structured to maximize growth and wealth transfer while minimizing taxes and portfolio expenses. We consider the tax status (taxable, tax deferred or tax free) of each account before positioning investments. Investments with high tax costs are positioned in tax deferred or tax free accounts as much as possible. Accounts designated for wealth transfer (Roth IRAs, trusts, etc.) can be invested with higher growth investments.
  • We will evaluate your current holdings, tax considerations, investment timing and prepare a detailed Implementation Plan to review with you.

Review and Evaluate the Investment Portfolio

  • Our state of the art software provides consolidated performance reporting information that is updated daily. We can include your company 401(k) accounts and many other outside holdings.
  • We monitor and evaluate your money managers and mutual funds regularly to identify relative performance of each manager. Our software compares your portfolio weekly to its stated policy targets and identifies deviations so that your advisor can review and rebalance if necessary.
  • Review of overall portfolio performance helps assess achievement of your long-term objectives.
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing is applied, so that your portfolio remains consistent with your asset allocation strategy.
  • Your investment policy is reviewed and adjusted to reflect changing circumstances.

*Please Note:  The scope of any investment management, financial planning and consulting services depends upon the terms of the engagement and the specific requests and needs of the client.  Column Capital does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent.  Column Capital does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.  If the client desires, our affiliated accounting firm can be engaged to provide tax preparation and related consulting services per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and fee.